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Color Corrector

Use a cream color corrector if you:

  • have open or broken blemishes

  • have dry skin

  • have mature skin (cream color corrector moves with the skin) and won’t sit on top of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Cream color corrector is also best for under the eyes.


Use a loose color corrector if you:

  • have closed blemishes. If you have an open or broken blemish, applying a loose color corrector will create a cakey look.

  • have acne scars.

  • have sensitive skin - young or teenage skin is prone to breakouts. Loose color corrector lessens the chance of inflammation and skin irritation.

  • have redness in the nostril area

  • suffer from hyperpigmentation and/or need to cover a large area of skin discoloration. Loose color corrector will give you a flawless appearance.

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