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April Pro-Staff Spotlight ~ Danielle Sweeney

Posted by Danielle Sweeney on

Name: Danielle Sweeney

Home State: Iowa

Bow, gun hunt or both: Mainly bow but I want to do some gun hunting as well.

How did you get into hunting: I've always been intrigued by hunting I just never had the guidance to get started. I got my first bow in the summer of 2013. I met my boyfriend, Mike, and he took me out turkey hunting and since that moment I've been hooked. He helped me get prepared for the 2014 hunting season and took me on my first whitetail hunt.

Your favorite hunting trip: My favorite hunting trip would have to be when I got my first turkey. It started out horribly; we were running late, had to walk up a huge hill that was covered in mud and the turkeys were already gobbling as the sun was coming up. We didn't have high hopes that we would have any luck. Mike had been doing some calling but the gobblers were too far out. Then out of no where we heard one semi close to us so Mike began calling some more, and he kept getting closer and closer! He was right behind our blind spitting and drumming, it was so awesome. He finally came out in front of us and I got him!

Tip to new hunter: I'm a fairly new hunter myself but my tip to a new hunter would be to practice, practice, practice. Also be sure to practice in realistic situations, you're not always going to have perfect scenarios when out hunting.

Favorite hunting item: My favorite hunting item would have to be my bow! Since upgrading, having a great bow has helped me improve tremendously.

What can you not go without during hunting season? I can not go without my Just for Does shampoo and conditioner! I actually couldn't go without any of my JFD products but if I had to choose it'd be the shampoo & conditioner.

What do you struggle with most while you are hunting? Judging distance without a range finder.

How do you juggle life and hunting (kids, work)? I work as a teachers associate so I luckily have weekends off but I have a great support system consisting of my family and Mike's. They help out with taking care of the kids so we can get out and do some hunting to fill our freezer.

What animals do you hunt? Whitetail deer, turkey, pheasant and coyote

What equipment is on your bow? I have Trophy Ridge accessories on my bow,

What equipment is on your gun? We're mainly an archery family so I just have a scope on my gun.

What parts of the country have you hunted? I mainly hunt in Iowa but I did go on a hog hunt in Oklahoma, that was pretty interesting.

Do you film your hunts? Yes I do film my hunts, I love being able to go back and watch the hunt.

If you film your hunts, what struggles do you have getting everything on film? Just making sure everything comes together is the biggest struggle.

What made you want to be apart of the JFD Pro-Staff? I fell in love with the JFD products and wanted to represent them. Also, to spread the word to all the female hunters out there, there isn't another scent free product line out there for women that is salon quality!

What is your favorite thing about being apart of JFD Pro-Staff? Being apart of such amazing ladies who all share the same passion is my favorite thing about JFD.

If you could tell one girl one thing about anything in life what would it be? Never stop believing in yourself!

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