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August Just For Does Spotlight ~ Rachelle LeClaire

Posted by Rachelle LeClaire on

Rachelle LeClaire

Name: Rachelle LeClaire

Home State: New York

Occupation? Forensic Tax Auditor

Bow or gun hunt or both: Both

How did you get into hunting? My father took me into the woods as a little girl

You favorite hunting trip: Kansas

Tip to new hunter: Wear a safety harness at ALL times. And always tell someone where you are hunting, so if you aren’t back by a certain time, they know where to come looking for you!

Favorite hunting item: Flash light!! I’m afraid of the dark!

What can you not go without during hunting season? Flash light!!

What do you struggle the most with while you are hunting? Being afraid of the dark! It’s hard for me to go in the mornings alone, because I am scared to walk in alone!!

How do you juggle life and Hunting (kids, work)? New to this, my son is 1. Last season was easy, I was on maternity leave. I had plenty of time to hunt. This season working full time now - my husband and I alternate times in the woods. We do every other night during the week, and weekends we switch up who hunts in the morning and who hunts the night. We have one of our mothers watch him once in a while so we can hunt together, but we prefer he’s with one of us most of the time. Before we know it he’ll be right there with us!!

What animals do you hunt? Whitetail, turkey, small game, coyotes, geese, bow fish, pheasant, a fox if it decides to walk by me :)

What equipment is on your bow? Shoot a Mission, trufire release, trophy ridge site and whisker biscuit, Carbon Express Mayhem Hot pursuit arrows 150’s, Dead Ringer Stiletto Broadheads 100’s

What equipment is on your gun? Love my 30.06. Leopold scope, mossy oak sling, Remington bullets, and a JFD doe head decal :)

What parts of the country have you hunted? Kansas, Vermont, Canada, and New York.

Do you film your hunts? Try to. We use a combination of our Tactacam, Go Pro, cell phones, and Video Camera.

If you film your hunts, what struggles do you have getting everything on film? The remote on the Go Pro doesn’t always function. There are too many buttons to remember on the GoPro. Not having a cameraman these days. It’s a lot to worry about between filming, grunting, and/or ranging if you need too. Need a few more hands in the tree with me.

What made you what to be a part of JFD Pro-Staff? Before I knew what kind of family atmosphere it would be, I tried the product and fell in love. My hair used to always feel like straw. It is literally a godsend! When I saw the posting to be a part of JFD, I jumped on it. It has opened my eyes and many doors for me to get my hands in this industry much more.

What is our favorite thing about being a part of JFD Pro-staff? Besides the obvious, the opportunity to get a little help $$ wise on a product I use and love (because let’s face it, hunting can be an expensive hobby). But I love being able to jump online and chat with one of my girls at any given time. I don’t know many women hunters where I come from – it’s all men. And as a women hunter, we face different challenges than the men do. It’s great to have women out there to relate too – and they are all soo BADASS!!

If you could tell one girl one thing about anything in life what would it be?

Never, EVER worry about what other people think or say about you. Do what you want, and just be the BEST version of you, and that IS good enough!