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First Spring Gobbler

Posted by Kelsie Keeney on

The second weekend into Georgia turkey season, the Lord blessed me with an awesome opportunity at a spring gobbler! My husband and I first heard this bird around 8:30 and begun our chase. After sneaking in about 75 yards from where we thought he was, we sat down and started calling again. The bird popped over the hill but seemed weary. He only came into about 60 yards to far for a shot) and then a hen snuck in from behind us and led him away. We waited about 20 minutes and decided we would see if we could win him back. We heard him gobbling and shortly after we crept up on him putting on a show. From then on, it was belly crawling closer and closer to get a shot. While my husband Sean was calling, the turkey was circling in a full strut the whole time. I was able to crawl into a 45 yard range and hide behind a tree. As soon as the gobbler popped his head from around a tree, BOOM! Dropped him in his tracks! It was by far the coolest hunts I have ever had!! My first spring gobbler! What makes this experience even more awesome is that my husband is the engineer at Hunter's Specialties and we were the first ones to take a bird with a new call that he helped design! So thankful he was there by my side calling in my incredible bird and experiencing one of my most memorable hunts!!

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