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July Just For Does Spotlight ~ Gretchen Hill

Posted by Gretchen Hill on

NAME: Gretchen Fay Hill

Occupation: Office manager for TRT Ind. And Trt properties , sales rep for Just For Does

Bow or Gun hunt or both? I bow hunt but also hunt rifle season along with shotgun for turkey season

How did you get into hunting? My step dad started taking me too deer camp when I was 6 everyone hunted even my grandma besides several years during my teen iv been at deer camp even started 2 of my 3 kids out there as well our Grandpa is the head man at deer camp he is 88 and still goes he bought the property when he was 18 and in the service.

Your favorite hunting tip: DON’T LOOK AT THE HORNS lol patience not everyone can take a harvest every season unless they are in a over populated area. And if you miss don’t worry because from the most seasoned well known hunters too the newbies miss .

Tip to new hunter: Don’t feel like your harvest isn’t big enough unless you are a trophy hunter then your like me and filling your freezer too feed your family. Every harvest is a trophy to me.

Favorite hunting item: that’s hard too choose one my Just For does scent free products & deception is my #1 must haves

What can you not go without during hunting season? Scent free products , white acorn cover scent & Grunt call

What do you struggle the most with while hunting? Comfort if I don’t feel right when hunting on the ground like ability too get a good shot or be able too have a good view I will keep getting up and moving until it feels right.

How do you juggle life and hunting (kids,work)? I hunt when I can with hubby's old job I knew too be ready when he pulled in from work so I could head out for eve hunts he made supper and watched our daughter but his job now works him late so I hunt mornings after I get my daughter on the bus and days I don’t work and weekends.

What animals do hunt ? Deer Turkey squirrels yotes

What equipment is on your bow? My added feature besides reg items on a bow is my stabalizer /tactacam

What equipment is on your gun? When shotgun (turkey) or rifle season are in I attach my Tactacam too them

What parts of the country have you hunted? Just Missouri

Do you film your hunts? Yes when I can see something lol

If you film your hunts , what struggles do you have getting everything on film? I havnt been faced with this situation yet.

What made you want too be apart of JFD pro-staff? Just being able too be with women who hunt and to be with a company that has a product I truly believe in ( I used before I became part of JFD) its every girls dream!

Whats your favorite thing about being apart of JFD Pro-staff? THE GREAT SUPPORT WE HAVE FOR EACH OTHER !

If you could tell one girl one thing about anything in life what would if be ? Don’t let ANYONE EVER MAKE YOUR FEEL LIKE YOUR NOT WORTHY OF BEING WHO YOU ARE.