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June 2016 ~ Just For Does Spotlight ~ Erin Formiller

Posted by Erin Formiller on

Name: Erin Formiller

Home State: Michigan

Occupation?: Student at Michigan State University majoring in Neuroscience

Bow or gun hunt or both: Bow

How did you get into hunting?: I began hunting with my dad at a young age. I loved going with him and watching wildlife, tracking, and of course enjoying eating our harvests. It was kind of a given that when I was old enough, I would hunt myself. When I turned 12, my dad took me to Gander Mountain where I got my first bow. I spent all spring and summer practicing and couldn’t wait to get in the woods opening day.

You favorite hunting trip: I’ve struggled to find time to get in the woods while I’m away at school. Usually I hunt on leased land, but this year I sat with my dad at our family 90 acres. The hunt started off slow, but later that afternoon we could hear antlers clashing, and the deer started moving. We saw lots of deer, and some really nice, beautiful bucks but never got a clean shot at them.

Tip to new hunter: Hunting is a process, it takes lots of time, practice, and patience. Don’t get down if you aren’t shooting as accurately as you want, or you can’t seem to stop scaring deer away, or you can’t get your bow back when a big buck comes in because you’re nervous, we all go through it! Don’t give up!

Favorite hunting item: Just for Does Leave-in Hair Conditioning Spray! I’ve searched far and wide, and there is NO product like this on the hunting market. It’s incredible!

What can you not go without during hunting season?: Hand warmers!

What do you struggle the most with while you are hunting?: Getting cold

How do you juggle life and Hunting (kids, work)?: This year has been especially tough being a college student and trying to find time to hunt on the weekends. But I’ve realized that hunting isn’t just about hunting season, it’s a year-round event. From planting food plots, to putting up tree stands, to checking trail cameras, it’s all apart of the process and it’s all exciting! It makes me better knowing that even if I don’t harvest an animal at the end of the year, I’ve done my part as a hunter in participating in the conservation of wildlife. Hunting is what you make of it!

What animals do you hunt?: Whitetail deer. I would LOVE to go on an elk, moose, or bear hunt one day.

What equipment is on your bow?: I shoot a Bowtech Carbon Rose (LOVE THIS BOW). I have an 8 inch BeeStinger Stabilizer, a QAD Dropaway Rest, and an IQ 3 pin sight.

What equipment is on your gun?: I’m not much of a gun hunter

What parts of the country have you hunted?: Only Michigan so far!

Do you film your hunts?: I bought a video camera last year to begin filming my hunts!

If you film your hunts, what struggles do you have getting everything on film?: I primarily hunt alone, so I was struggling with where to position my camera so that if I did get a shot, I could get it all on film.

What made you what to be apart of JFD Pro-Staff?: JFD offers products specifically for the female hunter which makes female hunters feel empowered and welcome in the male-dominated hunting world.

What is our favorite thing about being apart of JFD Pro-staff?: The sense of family between the other does! It’s great to see the support that everyone gives one another!

If you could tell one girl one thing about anything in life what would it be?: “Always make time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive –uknown”