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Kelsey Meyer Minnesota Just For Does

Posted by Kelsey Meyer Minnesota Just For Does on

I grew up in a small town of NE Iowa, have been living in the SE corner of MN for the past few years with my husband, and am excited to say that I'm going back to my roots in Iowa just in time for the new year!

I was lucky enough to grow up in a family that shared a passion for the outdoors and hunting. With my Dad being a gunsmith, Hunter's Ed instructor and actively involved with Whitetail's Unlimited, I along with my 4 older brothers were bound to have the passion passed on to us. I remember staying in our hunting cabin during deer season before I was old enough to join in on the sits. I adored spending time with my Dad and brothers, doing "guy" stuff. They were always so proud of me, even for something little like finding a morel mushroom.

I always had to wear my brother's too-big-for-me hand-me-down camo and as I grew up, I lost some interest. There was not many other girls I knew that hunted. When I went off to college, I realized how much I missed it and that it didn't matter who did it and who didn't. Looking back, I sure wish I could get some of those hunting days back that I skipped with my #1 hunting partner, my Dad, now that he's gone.

I happily hunt with my husband now. After using a gun all of my life, I started using a bow 3 years ago and love the feeling of releasing an arrow. Turkey hunting is a blast, but I'd have to say hunting whitetail is my favorite. Other hobbies I enjoy are shed hunting, fishing, camping, being on the river and trying to enjoy gardening. It has been so nice how far things have come for women who hunt. From the clothes to the products and especially the bond we share when we don't even know each other is incredible. I look forward to one day passing on the passion to any children we have.

Happy Hunting!