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Kim Bryant Alabama Just for Does Pro Staff

Posted by Kim Bryant Alabama Just for Does Pro Staff & Tactacam Team Member on

A little about myself, my name is Kim Bryant I live in Sweet Home Alabama. I am married and I have two amazing teenage daughters who I'm lucky to say both enjoy hunting as much as I do.

I began hunting as a little girl with my dad but it wasn't until I had decided to go hunting and take my youngest daughter who was 3 years old at the time that I truly fell in love and hunting became my passion. We sat up a ground blind that morning under a White Oak tree on a small patch of green field that no one ever hunted. She and I went back mid-day with a backpack full of juice boxes & snacks and a portable DVD player to help keep her entertained. That Thanksgiving Day is a day I killed my first wall hanger while my little girl was standing in the window of that ground blind eating a hunny bun watching the biggest buck we both had ever seen standing under that tree eating acorns. It was that day that I fell in love with deer hunting. It was that day that I was blessed to share something very special with my little girl that she & I will never forget.
I'm very thankful to be able to share my passion and love of the outdoors with both my girls. Too have them be apart of the entire planning & preparation process that goes into not only getting ready for deer season but experiencing the highs & lows that come with deer hunting.
I was raised to respect, take care of and love the outdoors, that is what I'm teaching my girls. As much as I love harvesting big game animals, honestly I've learned it is not always about the trophy being mounted on the wall it is about the time, patients, hard work, determination, dedication and the memories made along the way; that matter. That truly makes me proud to be a hunter and so grateful that I am able to share the opportunity with my family.
My favorite weapons; I have two for different reasons. My bow, I shoot Carbon Rose by Bowtech & my rifle of choice is Thompson Center, I hunt with a 308 and 7mm08. I love them both!!
Bow hunting is challenging in its own right you have to beat a deers senses and with the help of great scent eliminator products like JFD's "deception" to bring them into bow range.Bow hunting is different than being able to sit in a shooting house or ground blind with a rifle that is capable of taking a deer down 150+ yards away. Both I love & both are challenging in their own way.
I hunt whitetail deer, my dream is to go on an Elk hunt in New Mexico.
When I'm not in the woods, I still enjoy the outdoors fishing, camping, taking road trips & anything adventurous I'm game for.
I'm truly blessed to be apart of a great group of ladies, who share the same passion as myself!
"We hunt like you only Prettier!" Just for Does.
Kim Bryant