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March 2016 Spotlight ~ Kristen Rambo

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Kristen Rambo

Home State:



I have been a self-taught Multimedia Designer for the past 9 years. I am currently going to school to get my Associates in Graphic and Web Design.

Bow or gun hunt or both:

Both but Bow Hunting is by far my favorite.

How did you get into hunting?

I was dated a guy that was big into hunting. I decided I wanted to see what all the hype was about. I ended up falling in love with the sport and continued hunting even after we stopped seeing each other.

You favorite hunting trip:

Getting my turkey two years ago is probably my most memorable hunt.

Tip to new hunter:

Never stop learning. I’ve been hunting the past 4 years now and every year I’m constantly learning something new. The more you know the farther you’ll get. And PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. The more you practice, the more comfortable you are out in the woods. If your comfortable you will be less likely to make a mistake that could cost you a successful harvest.

Favorite hunting item:

I would have to say my camera. Although it’s not specifically a hunting item, I always have it with me. I love photography so being able to sit out in my stand and capture the nature and wildlife around me always brings a smile to my face. As for an actual hunting related item I would have to say my Illusion Grunt call and my Rattling Antlers. I have never been so successful getting bucks to come in close. Illusion has made so simple thanks to their instructional DVDs.

What can you not go without during hunting season?

My Just for Does products. I couldn’t handle what other products did to my hair.

What do you struggle the most with while you are hunting?

I struggle with playing on my phone. I have started turning it off while I’m in the woods. I want to make sure my eyes are looking for deer. A lot can happen in a short time so I don’t want to miss a shot opportunity because of a piece of technology.

How do you juggle life and Hunting (kids, work) ?

I work full-time, have side jobs, and go to school part-time. I make sure I get all my work done Monday through Thursday so I can hit the woods Friday through Sunday.

What animals do you hunt?

I hunt mainly Deer and Turkey, but I have gone goose, pheasant, and coon hunting as well.

What equipment is on your bow?

I currently have two Tactacams on my Carbon Rose. Once facing towards me and one on a stabilizer mount. I also shoot with my quiver on, use a Predator IV pendulum sight (because I’m horrible at judging distance), wrist sling, and a QAD drop away rest.

What equipment is on your gun?

I shoot iron sites and have two Tactacams. One towards me; One away from me.

What parts of the country have you hunted?

So far I have only hunted in Northeast Wisconsin. Hopefully in the near future I can expand on that a bit.

Do you film your hunts?

Now that I have Tactacam I do. Filming professional quality hunts has never been easier. With a simple push of the button, the Tactacam is recording. I can get professional quality hunts without the need of a cameraman. Is filming your hunts the most important part? Absolutely not, but it’s amazing being able to Relive and Share Your Hunt with others.

If you film your hunts, what struggles do you have getting everything on film?

Since I have two Tactacams, if I don’t notice the animal coming in time, I sometimes struggle to get my second Tactacam turned on without them noticing. Also batteries and cold temperatures don’t mix very well here in Wisconsin. Within an hour of cold weather a fully charged battery will only last a few minutes if I’m lucky. Sometimes I keep my Tactacams in my pockets to stay warm and fully charged. I also carry battery chargers if the cold weather becomes too much for the batteries to handle.

What made you what to be apart of JFD Pro-Staff?

When I first started hunting, I quickly realized how limited woman’s products were in the industry. The first thing I learned was that scent control was HUGE in order to be successful in the woods. I started using the shampoo / conditioner that we already had. My hair turned into an unmanageable, fried mess. I actually gave up using it after a while because I couldn’t stand the way my hair was. I didn’t want my hunts to be affected so I turned to the internet. I came across Just for Does and had to give it a try. I couldn’t believe it, my hair was healthy AND scent free! From that point on I told every female hunter I knew about Just for Does. I wanted to be a part of Just for Does Pro-staff because I didn’t want any other woman to have to suffer through hunting season the way I did.

What is our favorite thing about being apart of JFD Pro-staff?

Relationships I have formed since becoming a JFD Pro-Staff member. The friends I’ve made that I now consider family. I have become so close with so many of the other Pro-Staff members. Most of them I have never even met in person before but I feel like I’ve know them forever. It’s amazing being able to connect with other females who enjoy the outdoors as much as I do.

If you could tell one girl one thing about anything in life what would it be?

Don’t live by anybody else standards or limitations. In life, so many people are telling you what you can or can’t do. When you start living your life to follow somebody else rules, you lose a part of yourself. As women in the outdoors, others seem to think we aren’t equal to men and aren’t capable of the things they are. We are equal. It’s never a competition. It’s not about the size or who has the better camera footage. It’s about the experience, taking ethical shots, providing for yourself and your family, and cherishing the memories. This holds true for all aspects of life. Don’t let someone set the bar for you. Create your own goals and dreams and never stop until you achieve them.