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May 2016~ Pro-Staff Spotlight ~ Sabrina Ferri

Posted by Sabrina Ferri on

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Name: Sabrina Ferri

Home State: South Carolina

Occupation? Veterinary Receptionist

Bow or gun hunt or both: Both but I prefer my bow for sure!

How did you get into hunting? I grew up following my dad into the woods from an early age (still in diapers)

You favorite hunting trip: Every year I take a 10 day bowhunting trip to Ohio with family and friends. That is where I took my first (and biggest) buck with a bow back in 2012.

Tip to new hunter: Patience is key. Don't rush the shot. Last but not least, ALWAYS wear a safety harness!

Favorite hunting item: oh gosh, just 1?! I love all my JFD products but I would have to say my JFD Deception!

What can you not go without during hunting season? My JFD Deception, JFD Leave In Conditioner, Camo FX Face paint, Under Armor Base 4.0

What do you struggle the most with while you are hunting? Staying warm! Even though many would consider SC to be a very warm climate, I am ALWAYS cold!!! Every year I tweak my layering/clothing strategey!

How do you juggle life and Hunting (kids, work) ? Luckily my boss and coworkers are very understanding and let me take off a good bit during deer season. Also, my boyfriend loves to hunt as well so we hunt togther when we can but we also take time to hunt with our dads seperately. We don't have kids and our dogs don't mind when we go hunting. LOL!

What animals do you hunt? Primarily I hunt Whiteail but i also like to hunt squirrel, duck and coon when I get the chance

What equipment is on your bow? QAD HDX Ultrarest, Tru Glo sights

What equipment is on your gun? Nothing on my shotgun, Bushnell scope on my rifle

What parts of the country have you hunted? South Carolina and Ohio

Do you film your hunts? No but I want to so a Tactacam is on my wishlist!

What made you what to be apart of JFD Pro-Staff? Well, first off, I love the products! Secondly, I love meeting new people and doing new things.

What is our favorite thing about being apart of JFD Pro-staff? I LOVE how Michelle and Scotty have created a true family atmosphere! Even though we all come from different walks of life from all over the country, we really are like sisters!

If you could tell one girl one thing about anything in life what would it be? Don't be scared to be you. Be yourself, be independent.