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Cara Thompson - Canada Bear Hunt

Posted by Cara Thompson on

Alberta, Canada, Spot and Stalk Bear Hunt - Bear Number 1 - September 6, 2016.

Bear hunting was a little un-nerving to me knowing that we could possible run into grizzly bears. I was determined I was going to get a black bear with my bow, so, I headed into the bush with our guide and my husband. I followed the guide up and down the mountains, through water, mud, over logs and rocks. We would stop and glass the open clover fields and through the bush. Finally, we came around a corner and there he was, a nice mature boar. Our guide told me "you want this one!". So we walked slow and kept an eye on him, he was busy eating that he did not even see us. As we were getting closer and closer my heart was beating faster and faster. I really wanted to get this bear and was hoping he would not spot us and run off. We finally got where the guide thought we were close enough and told me he was at 37 yards. The bear spotted us and started to walk off, I drew my bow, the guide whistled, the bear stopped broadside and looked at us. I pulled the trigger and hit him perfectly. He ran about 10 yards and fell. I was so excited I almost cried but did not want the guide to think I was a big baby. My husband was so excited for me that he said he even choked back tears. We gave the bear a little time and me some time to calm down. My hands were shaking and I had to control my breathing. After a bit, we walked over to the bear and I still could not believe my eyes. My very first bear and with a bow. The guide told me that the bear was about 6 -7 years old and was over 300 pounds. I seen the guide and my husband high five each other. They both told me that I had a great shot on him. My husband told me he was so proud of me. At this point I was still in awe! The guide and my husband pulled the bear up onto a log and the picture taken started. This is one experience I will NEVER forget.

Alberta, Canada, Spot and Stalk Bear Hunt - Bear Number 2 - September 14, 2016.

After getting my first bear, I still had another bear tag to fill. We headed out to the bush again, this time we did not go as far before we spotted my second bear. We come over the top of a hill and about 400 yards below us there was a nice bear in a clover field. The guide told me and my husband that this one looked just a little bigger than my first one. He asked if I was ready, I told him "let's do this". So, I followed the guide and my husband followed behind with the video camera. Once again as we got closer my heart was pounding. As we got closer, the bear still had no idea that we were coming, he was too busy eating. We snuck around some small trees and finally found an open spot, still the bear was oblivious to us. This time we got a little closer, the bear had his butt towards me. I knew that I was not able to get a shot until he turned. The guide told me he was at 28 yards. The bear started to move, I turned on my Tactacam, drew my bow back and held it. The bear finally was quartering away from me. I remembered what my husband had told me about quartering away animals. "To aim for the other front leg". As the bear turned, I felt like I was in a tunnel and had complete focus on the bear and my shot. The bear stopped quartering away, I fired and hit him again perfectly. The guide looked at me and said "You Smoked Him" and high fived me. I told him that, that shot felt so good. Again I was so excited. The bear ran off about 30 yards into the bush. We could see the brush moving and then finally it stopped so we knew where he was. We gave him just a little bit then headed to find my arrow. We found my arrow, sure enough, full of blood. We followed the blood track, and there was lots of it. There he was, bear number two with my bow. Emotions were running once again, but I choked back the tears. My husband gave me a huge hug and said "Awesome, that was so awesome". The guide said this bear was about 7-8 years old and was probably about 350 pounds. He told me I really got two nice bears. The guide and my husband positioned the bear on a log and the pictures began. I could feel my lip quivering during the pictures, but did not want to cry. This has been the most memorable and excited hunt I have ever been on. I am still smiling!!